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The Continental is an upcoming television series set in the John Wick universe. As the highly anticipated spinoff to the action-packed film franchise, the show has generated immense buzz among fans and critics alike. The diverse and talented cast assembled for The Continental is poised to bring the world of assassins, underworld intrigue, and high-octane action to life on the small screen. Each actor embodies their character with depth and intensity, promising an enthralling viewing experience for audiences.

Colin Woodell as Winston Scott

Colin Woodell takes on the pivotal role of Winston Scott , the young Winston who eventually becomes the enigmatic and influential owner of The Continental . With his previous work in acclaimed series like The Originals and The Purge , Woodell’s ability to convey multifaceted characters makes him a compelling choice for this transformational role. He is set to portray the character’s journey from a man navigating the dangerous underworld to a powerful figure with unwavering authority. Woodell’s portrayal promises a captivating insight into the origins of the enigmatic Winston, showcasing the complexities that define his evolution.

Ayomide Adegun as Charon

Ayomide Adegun steps into the role of Charon , the enigmatic concierge of The Continental . Known for his role in Michael Blackson: The African King of Comedy , Adegun’s presence exudes a sense of mystique that perfectly aligns with the enigmatic nature of Charon. His portrayal is poised to delve into the character’s unwavering loyalty, keen perceptiveness, and the pivotal role he plays in maintaining the delicate balance within the clandestine world of assassins. Adegun’s performance is set to infuse Charon with depth and charisma, offering a deeper understanding of the intriguing character.

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Mel Gibson as Cormac

Mel Gibson joins the cast in the role of Cormac , a significant and formidable presence within the world of The Continental . With a storied career in iconic films such as Braveheart and Lethal Weapon , Gibson brings a wealth of experience and gravitas to the character. His portrayal promises to illuminate the complex motivations and actions of Cormac, showcasing a blend of menace and authority that will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression on viewers. Gibson’s addition to the cast further amplifies the anticipation surrounding The Continental , as fans eagerly await his dynamic interpretation of the enigmatic Cormac.

Ben Robson and Nhung Kate as Frankie and Yen

Ben Robson and Nhung Kate step into the roles of Frankie and Yen , two characters intricately woven into the intricate tapestry of The Continental . Robson, known for his compelling performances in Animal Kingdom , brings a sense of calculated intensity to the role of Frankie. Nhung Kate, recognized for her work in Hollywood Chaos , infuses Yen with a captivating blend of resilience and determination. Their dynamic portrayal is poised to unravel the complexities of their characters, emphasizing the intricate dynamics that define their roles within the clandestine world of assassins. Robson and Nhung Kate’s chemistry is set to engross audiences, offering a nuanced depiction of their characters’ journeys.

Mishel Prada and Jeremy Bobb as KD and Mayhew

Mishel Prada and Jeremy Bobb undertake the roles of KD and Mayhew , two individuals whose paths intersect in the compelling narrative of The Continental . Prada, renowned for her compelling performances in Vida , infuses KD with a complex blend of cunning and vulnerability. Bobb, known for his captivating work in The Knick , brings an enigmatic aura to the character of Mayhew. Together, their performances promise to unravel the intricacies of their characters’ motivations, choices, and the compelling dynamics that define their intersection within the clandestine world of assassins. Prada and Bobb’s portrayal is set to captivate audiences, offering enthralling insight into the multifaceted nature of their characters.

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Jessica Allain and Hubert Point-Du Jour as Lou and Miles

Jessica Allain and Hubert Point-Du Jour step into the roles of Lou and Miles , two characters whose enigmatic presence adds depth to the world of The Continental . Allain, known for her captivating performances in Thriller , infuses Lou with a compelling blend of resilience and enigma. Point-Du Jour, recognized for his dynamic work in The Good Lord Bird , brings a sense of complexity and depth to the character of Miles. Their portrayal promises to unravel the intricate dynamics and motivations that define Lou and Miles, offering audiences a captivating glimpse into the interconnected web of characters within the clandestine world of assassins. Allain and Point-Du Jour’s performances are set to captivate viewers with their nuanced and compelling interpretation of their respective roles.

Actor Character
Colin Woodell Winston Scott
Ayomide Adegun Charon
Mel Gibson Cormac
Ben Robson Frankie
Nhung Kate Yen
Mishel Prada KD
Jeremy Bobb Mayhew
Jessica Allain Lou
Hubert Point-Du Jour Miles

As The Continental gears up to grace screens, the anticipation for the series continues to mount, fueled in no small part by the exceptional ensemble cast. Each actor is poised to bring their unique blend of talent, nuance, and depth to the enthralling world of the John Wick universe, promising an unforgettable viewing experience for audiences. With the series set to explore the intricate dynamics and compelling narratives of the clandestine world of assassins, the talented cast is primed to breathe life into their respective characters, offering audiences a captivating journey into the enigmatic realm of The Continental .

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Is John Wick going to be in The Continental?

As of current reports, Keanu Reeves’ character of John Wick is not expected to be the main character in The Continental but may make guest appearances. It is being reported that The Continental will focus more on the titular hotel for assassins.

Is The Continental in John Wick real?

Yes, The Continental in the John Wick movie series is real but only as a fictional concept. It represents a global network of hotels serving as a safe haven for criminals. But there is no such actual hotel in existence.

Will there be a Continental season 2?

As of my training data up to September 2021, there has been no official announcement or confirmation about a second season of ‘The Continental.’

How many episodes does The Continental have?

As of my knowledge up to October 2021, The Continental does not have any released episodes. However, it’s planned to be a spin-off series from John Wick with supposedly three ninety-minute episodes.

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