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horror movies 2024

Horror movies have always been a source of fascination for audiences, and 2024 promises to be an exciting year for fans of the genre. With a diverse range of offerings from stopmotion to vampire horror movies , there’s something for every horror enthusiast. Let’s take a closer look at the latest developments in the world of horror cinema.


In recent years, there has been a resurgence of interest in stopmotion animation within the horror genre. This unique style of filmmaking, which involves creating movement through a series of meticulously crafted physical models, has captivated audiences with its haunting and immersive visuals.

Some of the most anticipated stopmotion horror films of 2024 include:

  • “The Haunting of Dollhouse Manor” – A spine-chilling tale of paranormal occurrences in a Victorian-era dollhouse.
  • “Nightmare in Clay” – A macabre story set in an otherworldly landscape, brought to life through the artistry of stopmotion animation.


The realm of horror movies is constantly evolving, and 2024 is no exception. From exciting new releases to industry developments, there’s a wealth of news shaping the landscape of horror cinema.

Recent news includes:

  • Dev Patel’s ‘Monkey Man’ Is Now Available to Watch at Home!
  • ‘The Blair Witch Project’ – Original Stars Release a Statement Asking Lionsgate for Residuals & Recognition


Behind every captivating horror movie, there are intriguing insights from the creators themselves. Interviews with directors, writers, and actors provide a deeper understanding of the creative process and the inspirations behind the most chilling cinematic experiences.

Notable interviews in 2024 include discussions with:

  • The visionary director of “Mountain Man” as he shares his vision for the zombie-infested wilderness.
  • The cast and crew of “Stream” as they delve into the terror-filled world of their latest horror offering.
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Dev Patel’s ‘Monkey Man’ Is Now Available to Watch at Home!

Dev Patel’s highly anticipated horror film, “Monkey Man,” has finally been released for viewers to experience from the comfort of their own homes. The film has been generating significant buzz with its gripping storyline and Patel’s compelling performance, making it a must-watch for horror aficionados.

Set in a dystopian world overrun by malevolent forces, “Monkey Man” promises to deliver a visceral and thought-provoking horror experience that will linger in the minds of audiences long after the credits roll.

Five Underseen Vampire Horror Movies to Stream This Week

For fans of vampire horror movies, there’s a treasure trove of underseen gems waiting to be discovered. Whether you’re a longtime vampire enthusiast or simply looking for a fresh twist on the classic horror archetype, these films offer a captivating blend of terror and allure.

Some of the underseen vampire horror movies to add to your watchlist include:

  • “Bloodmoon” – A chilling tale of vampire clans locked in a timeless struggle for power and survival.
  • “Crimson Veil” – A haunting romance entwined with dark, bloodthirsty secrets that will leave viewers spellbound.

‘Stream’ – Horror Movie from the Team Behind ‘Terrifier’ Sets August Theatrical Release

The team behind the chilling horror cult classic, “Terrifier,” is gearing up to unleash their latest offering, “Stream,” on audiences. With an August theatrical release on the horizon, horror fans can prepare for a pulse-pounding and visually stunning cinematic experience, courtesy of the visionary creators behind “Terrifier.”

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“Stream” promises to push the boundaries of horror filmmaking and immerse viewers in a world of unrelenting terror, making it a must-see for those with a hunger for spine-tingling thrills.

‘The Blair Witch Project’ – Original Stars Release a Statement Asking Lionsgate for Residuals & Recognition

More than two decades after its release, “The Blair Witch Project” continues to be a seminal work in the found footage horror subgenre. However, the original stars of the film have recently made headlines by publicly advocating for their contributions to be acknowledged with due residuals and recognition by Lionsgate .

Their efforts have sparked discussions about the importance of supporting and honoring the talented individuals who contribute to the success of iconic horror films.

‘Mountain Man’ – Joe Manganiello Will Battle Zombies in Upcoming Horror Movie

Joe Manganiello is set to take on a horde of ravenous zombies in the upcoming horror movie, “Mountain Man.” With its rugged setting and promise of relentless undead action, this film has captured the attention of horror enthusiasts eager for a fresh take on the zombie subgenre.

As Manganiello plunges into the heart of darkness to confront the encroaching zombie menace, audiences can anticipate a high-octane thrill ride that will leave them on the edge of their seats.

Section Highlights
Stopmotion Resurgence of stopmotion animation in horror
News Dev Patel’s ‘Monkey Man’ release, ‘The Blair Witch Project’ stars’ advocacy
Interviews Insights from ‘Mountain Man’ director and ‘Stream’ cast and crew
Dev Patel’s ‘Monkey Man’ Highly anticipated horror film now available for home viewing
Five Underseen Vampire Horror Movies Discover captivating vampire horror gems
‘Stream’ Theatrical Release Upcoming horror movie from creators of ‘Terrifier’
‘The Blair Witch Project’ Stars Advocacy Original stars’ call for recognition and residuals
‘Mountain Man’ Joe Manganiello’s upcoming zombie battle
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Next Steps

As the year unfolds, horror movie enthusiasts can look forward to immersing themselves in a diverse array of cinematic experiences, from the haunting allure of stopmotion animation to the visceral terror of zombie-infested wilderness. With each new release and development, the world of horror cinema continues to captivate and terrify audiences, ensuring that there’s always something spine-tingling on the horizon.


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