Cinema Meet the Voices Behind ‘Trolls 3’: A Star-Studded Cast

Meet the Voices Behind ‘Trolls 3’: A Star-Studded Cast


Trolls 3 has taken the cinematic world by storm, bringing back our cherished characters with an invigorating dash of new faces. With a star-studded cast, this musical extravaganza continues to enchant audiences of all ages. In this blog post, we’ll dive into the remarkable cast members who make Trolls 3 an animated masterpiece. From the returning voices of Justin Timberlake and Anna Kendrick to newcomers like Eric André and Camila Cabello, each brings their own unique flair to the film. Let’s explore the talented individuals behind these vibrant characters.

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Justin Timberlake as Branch

Justin Timberlake returns to voice Branch, our beloved, once-grumpy Troll who now embraces his vibrant, colorful nature. Timberlake’s charismatic voice and impeccable musical talent lend depth to Branch’s character development, making him a standout in the Trolls universe. With his dynamic range, Timberlake effortlessly captures Branch’s emotional journey, blending humor and heart with pitch-perfect melodies.

Timberlake’s contribution extends beyond voice acting; he’s also a key player in the movie’s musical direction. His previous hit, “Can’t Stop the Feeling!” from the first Trolls movie, was a chart-topping success, and fans eagerly anticipate what new musical delights he’ll bring in Trolls 3. His involvement ensures that the film’s soundtrack is just as memorable and infectious as its predecessors.

Anna Kendrick as Poppy

Anna Kendrick reprises her role as the always optimistic and bubbly Poppy. Known for her splendid vocal prowess and energetic performances, Kendrick brings an unparalleled zest to Poppy. She expertly balances the character’s unwavering positivity with moments of vulnerability, making Poppy relatable to audiences of all ages.

Kendrick’s performances in musical numbers are always a highlight. Her vibrant and clear voice brings life to the infectious pop tunes that Poppy sings. From high-energy anthems to heartfelt ballads, Kendrick’s musical versatility ensures that Poppy’s character continues to be a source of joy and inspiration in Trolls 3.

Eric André as John Dory

Joining the Trolls cast in this installment is the multi-talented Eric André, who voices John Dory. Known for his eccentric comedic style, André’s unique vocal characterizations bring a fresh, humorous edge to the film. John Dory’s quirky and unpredictable nature is a perfect match for André’s improvisational skills, making the character a delightful new addition.

André’s presence infuses the film with a new kind of energy. His ability to deliver lines with comedic precision ensures that John Dory stands out among the ensemble cast. Fans of André’s previous work will appreciate his signature humor and how it translates into the dynamic, animated world of Trolls 3.

Daveed Diggs as Spruce

Daveed Diggs, known for his phenomenal work in Hamilton, lends his voice to Spruce, a character who brings a touch of sophistication and rhythm to the Troll community. Diggs’ exceptional talent as both an actor and a rapper adds a multifaceted charm to Spruce. His robust vocal presence and dynamic performance style make Spruce a character to watch.

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Diggs’ rhythmic delivery brings a unique flavor to the film’s musical numbers. His background in musical theatre ensures that Spruce’s songs are top-notch, blending witty lyrics with complex rhythms. Diggs’ performance is sure to resonate with viewers and add to the rich tapestry of Trolls 3’s diverse cast.

Kid Cudi as Clay

Kid Cudi makes his debut in the Trolls universe as Clay, a character that embodies smoothness and creativity. Cudi’s distinctive voice and laid-back style perfectly capture Clay’s vibe, providing a fresh auditory experience for the audience. Known for his impact on the music industry, Cudi’s involvement adds a new layer of depth to the film’s musical landscape.

Cudi’s ability to blend various musical genres is reflected in Clay’s character. His voice seamlessly transitions from soulful melodies to energetic hip-hop beats, offering a versatile auditory experience. Clay’s character becomes a canvas for Cudi to explore new sonic territories, making his contributions to Trolls 3 especially memorable.

Troye Sivan as Floyd

Troye Sivan makes a striking entrance as Floyd, a character defined by his ethereal and captivating presence. Sivan’s airy and emotive vocals are perfectly suited to Floyd’s enchanting persona. As a rising star in the music world, Sivan’s casting adds a modern, youthful touch to the film.

Floyd’s character brings a sense of calm and introspection to the Trolls ensemble. Sivan’s performance is marked by its vulnerability and emotional depth, resonating with audiences on a personal level. His involvement in Trolls 3 highlights the film’s commitment to showcasing a wide range of vocal talents and musical styles.

Camila Cabello as Viva

Camila Cabello’s addition to the Trolls 3 cast as Viva promises to be a highlight. Known for her powerful and dynamic vocal range, Cabello brings an electrifying energy to the character. Viva’s fearless and adventurous spirit is mirrored in Cabello’s confident and spirited performance.

Cabello’s musical background ensures that Viva’s songs are both catchy and impactful. Her ability to convey intense emotions through her voice brings depth to her character, making Viva a memorable part of the Trolls 3 universe. Fans of Cabello will relish the opportunity to see her transition into animation while maintaining her signature vocal prowess.

Amy Schumer as Velvet

Amy Schumer brings her comedic genius to the role of Velvet, a character that exudes charm and humor. Known for her sharp wit and unique delivery, Schumer’s voice acting brings a refreshing comedic flavor to Trolls 3. Velvet’s character is characterized by her hilarious antics and relatable imperfections, making her an instant fan favorite.

Schumer’s authentic and unapologetic style shines through in Velvet’s dialogue. Her ability to infuse humor into her performance without overshadowing the other elements of the film is commendable. Velvet’s character adds a layer of comedy that appeals to both younger audiences and adults, making Trolls 3 a truly family-friendly experience.

Andrew Rannells as Veneer

Andrew Rannells joins the Trolls 3 cast as Veneer, a charming and sophisticated character. Rannells’ theatrical background and impressive vocal ability make him a perfect fit for the role. Veneer’s elegance and poise are accentuated by Rannells’ smooth and polished performance.

Rannells’ involvement brings a touch of Broadway flair to Trolls 3. His ability to deliver powerful and emotive performances in both dialogue and musical numbers is a testament to his talent. Veneer’s character is a testament to Rannells’ versatility as a performer, making him a standout addition to the cast.

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Zosia Mamet as Crimp

Zosia Mamet voices Crimp, a character that brings a unique blend of wit and charm to the Trolls universe. Mamet’s distinct voice and nuanced performances add depth to Crimp’s character, making her not just a side character but a vital part of the storyline.

Mamet’s portrayal of Crimp is marked by its authenticity and relatability. Her ability to convey complex emotions with subtlety and grace ensures that Crimp resonates with audiences. Fans of Mamet’s previous work will appreciate her seamless transition into voice acting, showcasing her versatility and talent.

Zooey Deschanel as Bridget

Returning to the Trolls world, Zooey Deschanel reprises her role as Bridget. Deschanel’s endearing voice and warm demeanor make Bridget one of the most beloved characters in the series. Her performance captures Bridget’s sweet and gentle nature, bringing a sense of familiarity and comfort to fans.

Deschanel’s musical talent also shines in her portrayal of Bridget. Her unique voice adds a melodic richness to Bridget’s songs, making them a highlight of the film. Deschanel’s return ensures that the essence of Bridget remains true to the character we’ve all come to love.

Christopher Mintz-Plasse as Gristle Jr.

Christopher Mintz-Plasse returns as Gristle Jr., bringing his signature comedic touch to the character. Known for his distinctive voice and impeccable timing, Mintz-Plasse’s performance is both entertaining and heartfelt. Gristle Jr.’s charm and humor are perfectly captured through Mintz-Plasse’s vocal talent.

Mintz-Plasse’s ability to balance humor and sincerity makes Gristle Jr. a standout character. His portrayal adds depth and dimension to the film, ensuring that Gristle Jr.’s journey is both engaging and meaningful. Fans will enjoy the familiar humor Mintz-Plasse brings to the role.

RuPaul Charles as Miss Maxine

RuPaul Charles, the iconic drag queen and television personality, lends his voice to Miss Maxine, a character that exudes glamor and confidence. RuPaul’s distinctive voice and charismatic presence bring Miss Maxine to life in a way that only he can. This casting choice adds an element of fabulousness and empowerment to the film.

Miss Maxine’s character is a celebration of individuality and self-expression, themes that RuPaul champions in his career. RuPaul’s performance is both inspiring and entertaining, making Miss Maxine a memorable part of the Trolls 3 ensemble. Fans of RuPaul will appreciate his dynamic contribution to the film.

Kunal Nayyar as Guy Diamond

Kunal Nayyar returns to voice Guy Diamond, the glittering and vibrant Troll known for his flashy personality. Nayyar’s energetic and enthusiastic performance captures the essence of Guy Diamond, making him a fan favorite. His voice acting brings a sense of fun and excitement to the character.

Nayyar’s ability to infuse humor and charm into his performance ensures that Guy Diamond remains a highlight of the film. His portrayal is marked by its vivacity and sparkle, reflecting Guy Diamond’s larger-than-life persona. Fans of Nayyar’s work will delight in his return to the Trolls universe.

Kenan Thompson as Tiny Diamond

Kenan Thompson continues to voice Tiny Diamond, the quirky and lovable child of Guy Diamond. Thompson’s comedic talent and unique voice make Tiny Diamond an endearing and entertaining character. His performance captures Tiny Diamond’s youthful exuberance and adorable charm.

Thompson’s ability to bring both humor and heart to his roles is evident in his portrayal of Tiny Diamond. His voice acting ensures that Tiny Diamond’s character is both relatable and memorable, making him a beloved part of the Trolls 3 cast. Fans will appreciate Thompson’s consistent and delightful performance.

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NSYNC as Kismet

In a delightful twist, the iconic boy band NSYNC lends their voices to Kismet, a group of harmonious Trolls. This casting choice brings a nostalgic touch to the film for fans of the band. NSYNC’s vocal harmony and dynamic presence add a unique musical element to Kismet’s character.

The inclusion of NSYNC in the Trolls 3 cast is a treat for long-time fans and newcomers alike. Their performance brings back the essence of their music, blending it seamlessly into the Trolls universe. The band’s involvement ensures that Kismet’s character is both entertaining and musically enriching.

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Future Perspectives

Character Actor Description
Branch Justin Timberlake Grumpy-turned-cheerful Troll with exceptional musical talent.
Poppy Anna Kendrick Optimistic and bubbly Troll queen known for her vibrant songs.
John Dory Eric André Quirky and humorous new character with unpredictable antics.
Spruce Daveed Diggs Sophisticated Troll with a flair for rhythm and music.
Clay Kid Cudi Creative and smooth character with diverse musical talents.
Floyd Troye Sivan Ethereal and captivating character with emotive vocals.
Viva Camila Cabello Adventurous and fearless Troll with a powerful voice.
Velvet Amy Schumer Charming character known for her wit and humor.
Veneer Andrew Rannells Elegant and poised Troll with a theatrical presence.
Crimp Zosia Mamet Relatable and witty character with nuanced performances.
Bridget Zooey Deschanel Sweet and gentle Troll beloved by fans.
Gristle Jr. Christopher Mintz-Plasse Charismatic and humorous character with heartfelt moments.
Miss Maxine RuPaul Charles Glamorous and confident character celebrating individuality.
Guy Diamond Kunal Nayyar Energetic and flashy Troll known for his sparkle.
Tiny Diamond Kenan Thompson Quirky and lovable child Troll with exuberant charm.
Kismet NSYNC Harmonious Troll group bringing nostalgia and musicality.


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